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Flippy Mongo

Welcome to New Wiki Name

The Flippy Wiki is on every ones favorite vetran, flippy! Every thing flippy will be here. A example is did you know flippy may have a crush a flakey? *Wink wink* This fourm was inspired by happy tree friends. Flippy belonds to them. All rites to them.

Flippy's lifeEdit

Flippy is a green, male bear, he wears dog tags around his neck and a green beret with checkered crest on his head. Its no big suprise flippy 'Flips Out' speaking of he is, a bear.He is a retired veteran soldier in the Army. Flippy is the only character in the series to cause the deaths of other characters on purpose in every episode in which he appears. Although Flippy can be the most cruel and dangerous character in Happy Tree Friends, his good side is considered to be one of the most sociable and kindest of characters. This is proven in several episodes where he is seen doing social activities with some of the other characters such as going to the movies and playing hide and seek.

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